Rainbow Six Siege back to basics: How to play Support on attack

Published: 07:34, 21 October 2022
Maverick, the second best support operator
Maverick, the second best support operator

Rainbow Six Siege has changed drastically with the meta. With the introduction of the secondary EMP grenade, the roles of each operator on the attacking side have been scrambled. We will go back to basics and teach you how to play Support.

Ever since its release, Ubisoft 's most prominent entry in the Tom Clancy series, Rainbow Six Siege is still one of the most competitive and team-based shooters to this day. 

Now that we know how to compose an attacking team that synergises well , let us take a closer look at the roles that require a bit more thought behind them - The Support.

The Support can play multiple positions while attacking, their main purpose being disabling or removing enemy utility. 

  1. Do not play aggressively and avoid early game death.
    • A Support dying early in the round shifts the course of the attack drastically as the whole plan has to be adjusted. Supports enable the team to push points that are inaccessible due to high defender presence.
  2. A Support must stick to the Breacher or Entry Frag and wait for their signal
    • Kali, Maverick, Thatcher, Sense, Twitch and Flores stick to the Breacher as their utility works the best with wall destruction.
    • IQ, Fuze, and Finka stick to the Entry Frag as their gadgets enemies of their utility. Entry Fraggers enable these supports to get as close to the site as they can.
    • Remember, your job is not to get kills but to clear utility

      Ubisoft One of the less popular Support agents, Sens One of the less popular Support agents, Sens

  3. Pay attention to how your gadget works with your Breacher's gadget.
    • The Support gadget goes first and then the Breacher deploys their gadget (If your gadget is nonexplosive, throw another one after or while the Breacher deploys their utility).
    • All explosive devices (Including Kali's LV Explosive Lance and Flores' RCE-Ratero Charge) destroy Breacher utility. If you see your Breacher's utility deployed, avoid using explosive gadgets in their proximity.
    • If your device is capable of chipping hp off your allies, it is also capable of destroying their gadgets. If this is the case, your gadgets should not be activated at the same time. 
    • As Sens, do not block crucial lines of sight for your team in order to prevent movement and repositioning of defenders (Sometimes it is better to not use your gadget than to use it poorly)
  4. Help your Entry Frags with your utility.
    • As Fuze, use your ability to flush enemies out of crucial areas and clear them of any enemy utility.
    • As Finka, communicate and coordinate with your Fragger and wait for their signal to activate your heal. Activating your heal without announcing it can put your teammate at a disadvantage due to them losing their ability to hear. You may use your heals without an announcement when your teammate is injured.
    • As IQ, put a suppressor on your pistol to mask your position. Use your scanner through the floors above or below the site and shoot through them to destroy enemy utility. The suppressor will hide any trace of your shots.

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Drone-reliant Support operators, Twitch and Flores, need additional help to utilize their gadgets. If the enemies have a well-placed Mute jammer, the attack is at risk of being slowed down due to them not being able to play their roles. This is where IQ shines as she is the only operator whose gadget directly counters mute.


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