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Rainbow Six Siege - Iana YoRHa NieR: Automata Elite skin Reveal

Published: 23:24, 21 November 2022
Easily one of the best skins so far
Easily one of the best skins so far

The Ubisoft team has decided that announcing yet another elite skin is the perfect icing on the cake if the cake was a content-filled upcoming season reveal.

A few days ago, Ubisoft announced Maverick's second elite skin . But, most of the community missed a little teaser that was played at the very end of the reveal video. 

The teaser was actually for Iana's first elite skin from the same collaboration. Iana's YoRHa "2B"  Elite skin from the collaboration with NieR: Automata is now live and available for purchase in the Rainbow Six Siege store.

(As a skin enthusiast, it is only fair that I give my personal opinion) Iana is one of the operators that is only really recognized in higher MMR. This is mainly due to her utility and abilities needing an actual plan in order to be used properly.

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Iana is one of the most deserving operators to get an elite skin, and it is very fitting that she gets this one as it is definitely one of the best elite skins to be introduced into the game. Aside from that, Iana is the best pick for this skin due to the skin not changing much of her original appearance but rather enhancing it.

Maverick's Nier: Automata skin changed him completely and would have fit an operator like Echo much better whereas players will still be able to recognize Iana under all of the additional cosmetics.


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