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Overwatch 2 will properly show KDA on the scoreboard

Published: 10:50, 29 September 2022
Overwatch 2 - Kiriko and her kunai
Overwatch 2 - Kiriko and her kunai

Blizzard seems to be trying to make a few improvements to competitive with Overwatch 2 and a better scoreboard is one of them.

Blizzard has had a rough run with public perception in recent years and troubles surrounding Overwatch 2 are one of the reasons.

Besides the PvE portion that has been delayed into 2023, the game is struggling to gain some positive news as the fan base didn't seem to like the 5v5 format and absolutely loathe the battle pass system that locks new heroes behind rank 55.

As a cherry on top, Blizzard also announced new players will have to unlock the existing heroes as well, which brought the game's issues to a boiling point but some of the competitive changes might help things cool down.

Those who played the original Overwatch thus far will know the annoyance of checking the scoreboard and then having to fish through various stats in order to determine their performance because the game hid the most important ones - kills, deaths and assists.

With Overwatch 2, it will still not be that direct but the new scoreboard will clearly show eliminations, assists and deaths. Eliminations are usually a mix of kills and assists themselves but in a game with long TTK that is prolonged by support heroes, it is a bit of a necessity as one player getting all the credit for taking down a tank that had a healer behind them would be unfair.

Blizzard Overwatch 2 - The new scoreboard Overwatch 2 - The new scoreboard

Additionally, the assists stat reflects contributions to an enemy's demise in ways other than simply dealing damage. If a healer provided a DPS with a life-saving health boost, you can bet they deserved the assist. The same goes for crucial crowd-control and more.

For the actual kill stats, you can check out the right side of the scoreboard, which shows your final blow and solo kill stats.

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