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List of remaining Steam sale dates for 2023

Published: 23:53, 28 September 2022
Brace your wallets, the Halloween sale is just days away
Steam Sale - "I don't need it"

Gaben still has a few sales for us until the end of 2022 and we will have at least one per month apparently.

Impulse buying video games on Steam and barely ever touching them is a sin many PC gamers are guilty of but despite all the warnings and being well aware of it, we just can't help ourselves.

We also eagerly await the next Steam sale to get that sweet -90 per cent fix. Such gamers are in luck as Valve is going to treat us to a total of three at least week-long sales before 2022 concludes.

The first one is the Halloween sale, starting on October 25, 2022. Expect a lot of spooky themes here so horror games are the ones most likely to get the chunky discounts.

Following that one, we have the Autumn sale that kicks off on November 22, 2022, slightly less than a month after the Halloween sale. Since this is a seasonal sale, there is no particular theme, meaning any game can be a candidate for giant discounts.

YouTube Spoof image of Gabe Newell in wildfire throwing discounts around Gaben is at it again

Exactly one month later, the Winter sale will start on December 22, 2022. Unlike the Halloween and Autumn sales, this one will run for two weeks so you can have enough time to blow all the gift money from the holiday season.

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