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One New World boss wiped a party 34 times in a single dungeon run

Published: 08:40, 29 September 2022
Updated: 10:25, 29 September 2022
Amazon Game Studios
A pretty view in New World
A pretty view in New World

Perseverance was the keyword in a particular expedition run in New World where one team just kept throwing themselves at a merciless boss.

New World is celebrating its first anniversary and that means we are getting a lot of stats through an infographic. Besides the run of the mill minutes played, minutes streamed and other less interesting ones, Amazon Game Studios provided a brutal but highly entertaining statistic.

Namely, the deadliest expedition boss turned out to be Alluvium Marl, the Caretaker, in Garden of Genesis. As it turns out, he scored 171 player kills in a single expedition instance .

Since expedition teams have only five players in them, this translates to 34 wipes and one death in the final run. Considering that last run had only one death, it's not a stretch to assume that the team successfully beat the challenge in the end and their legendary dedication hopefully paid off.

Those who played Genesis probably have some idea why this particular boss caused so many issues but if you're not in the loop, it is most likely because of a phase two mechanic.

Once the Caretaker's health drops by roughly one-third, he will create a circular arena where he will reside while the outside of it will see numerous enemy spawns. He then starts channelling a powerful move that needs to be interrupted by heavy attacks and crowd control abilities - if he completes the channel, he instantly wipes the party.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Heart of the Tempest Heart of the Tempest is one of the more challenging dungeons now but it mostly tests the players' patience with its length

If you go into the dungeon without prior knowledge of this mechanic, it will take you a few tries to realise what is going on but it appears this team may have taken a while to learn that he is channelling in the first place, then dodge his deadly attacks inside the arena and then how to deal with the enemies outside of it.

This happened in November 2021 but Genesis today is probably the easiest level 60 dungeon that players use for speed runs and if you are wondering about this particular boss, just have the entire team stay outside the arena to clean up the mobs while the tank interrupts the wipe ability and survives long enough for the rest to join them.

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