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Overwatch 2 hero unlocking is even worse than you thought

Published: 09:49, 28 September 2022
Overwatch - Junkrat and Reaper about to die
Overwatch - Junkrat and Reaper about to die

Overwatch 2 was already shunned for unlocking new heroes through battle pass but Blizzard doubled down on the concept and will make new players work even harder.

Overwatch 2 is just a week away from launch and the public's perception of the game is really not good. 

One of the main complaints lately has been the idea of unlocking new heroes through the seasonal battle pass since not having a full roster puts entire teams at a disadvantage due to the inability to switch mid-game and counter the opponents.

Well, it's Blizzard we're talking about and being tone deaf has been their trademark ever since the out-of-season April Fools joke moment and the problems with Overwatch 2 will only pile onto that image.

In a recent blog post, Blizzard announced that new players will have to unlock the old heroes as well. They are calling it a feature and even gave it a buzzword-filled name - First Time User Experience (FTUE) .

Supposedly, it is there to ease the players into the roster's abilities and strategies but having to play roughly 100 matches to unlock the existing heroes is just miserable.

Blizzard Overwatch 2 - Junker Queen Say hello to my level 55 unlock

This is a game where switching heroes upon respawning is crucial if you want to win a match, meaning that the newcomers will not even have that option at all.

Granted, their restricted knowledge of the game is probably going to result in just a few switches during the match but it doesn't mean the new players shouldn't be given an opportunity to do so. 

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