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League of Legends: Broken Covenant skin line - Cho'Gath

Published: 22:49, 23 February 2023
Riot Games
Broken Covenant Cho'Gath
Broken Covenant Cho'Gath

This new skin for Cho'gath is expected to be a much-awaited addition to the game. So, he will be receiving a skin from the new skin line - Broken Covenant!

The current season of League of Legends has brought forth numerous visually appealing skins for champions, such as the Mythmaker skin lines that introduced Garen and Galio skins. Additionally, there were skins like Lunar Empress Ashe, Lunar Emperor Thresh, Astronaut Singed, Heartthrob Caitlyn, Heartache Vi, and many others.

Despite the discussions surrounding champion skins, some champions are often overlooked, and one such champion is Cho'gath, who hasn't received a new skin for over a year. However, that is about to change with the Riot's introduction of the upcoming Broken Covenant Cho'gath skin.

Cho'gath is known for being a monstrous champion, and the Broken Covenant Cho'gath skin is expected to add a new level of visual appeal to the champion, making him even more menacing and fearsome in battle.

The new Broken Covenant Cho'gath skin is an ideal fit for the champion as it represents him as a chained monster, highlighting his monstrous appearance and behavior. Despite some players potentially not liking the skin, it accurately captures Cho'gath's theme and lore, giving it the spotlight it deserves.

Riot recently released a video showcasing the skin in action, allowing players to see the skin's detailed design and visual effects. The video provides an excellent preview of the skin's abilities, including its animations and sound effects, providing players with an idea of what to expect from the skin when it is released.

On March 9th, 2023, the upcoming Broken Covenant Cho'Gath skin, which is an Epic skin, will be released alongside other skins in the same line in Patch 13.5. Players will be able to purchase the skin for 1350 RP upon its release. 


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