Orange Essence 101: The best ways to get it in League of Legends 2023

Published: 18:29, 31 January 2023
Riot Games
Use orange essence to acquire new skins for your favourite champions!
Use orange essence to acquire new skins for your favourite champions!

Orange Essence is a rare in-game currency in League of Legends and obtaining it can be difficult. To help players, this guide will provide information on the most effective ways to accumulate Orange Essence.

Orange Essence (OE) is a rare currency in League of Legends  that players use to upgrade skin shards into permanent skins and access certain cosmetic items. Unlike Blue Essence (BE), Orange Essence is difficult to acquire. 

Riot Games has maintained League of Legends as a top MOBA  game by regularly introducing updates such as changes to the map, items, and meta, as well as new skin lines and champions. 

To further incentivize players to spend time in the game, Riot introduced a hextech crafting system which allows players to earn skins and cosmetic items for free through collecting hextech loot.

Fastest Ways to get Orange Essence

ARAM: To finish the free missions and receive the weekly chests with limited playtime, consider playing ARAM with friends. ARAM games take less time than games on Summoner's Rift, and playing with friends means that if any of you receive an S-rank or higher, everyone will receive a chest. 

Event Pass: By purchasing the event pass and finishing all the missions, players can earn a significant amount of skin shards. Once you reach 2000 points, you can exchange them for 10 event orbs at a rate of 200 points per orb, equaling 10 skin shards. 

Use RP: Easiest and quickest way to get Orange Essence is to buy chests using RP from the store, which will give you skins that can be disenchanted to yield Orange Essence. 

Riot Games Earn orange essence by disenchanting your skin shards from the loot! Earn orange essence by disenchanting your skin shards from the loot!

Missions and Events

During events, completing missions rewards players with items such as hextech chests, keys, event capsules, and tokens. Accumulating these rewards and opening them can provide 2-3 or more skin shards. Disenchanting unwanted skin shards is a way to earn Orange Essence without cost.

Hextech Chests

Every week, players can earn a free hextech chest by playing the game. The availability of a chest can be checked in the profile, and the number of chests attainable is indicated by a chest icon with a number. To receive chests, either you or your premade team must achieve an S- efficiency rating or higher at the end of a game.

Watching Esports

Riot occasionally rewards players who watch their esports competitions with skins and other items that can be converted into Orange Essence. League of Legends has a strong esports scene and many players enjoy watching their favorite teams play.


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