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League of Legends: Aurelion Sol's ultimate takes a page from Lee Sin's playbook in latest rework

Published: 11:16, 03 February 2023
Riot Games
Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol
Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

A new type of update, Comprehensive Gameplay Update (CGU), has been introduced by Riot. Aurelion Sol is the first champion to receive the CGU update in League of Legends. 

League of Legends features updates known as reworks. These updates can come in various forms, such as VGU, ASU,  mid-scope updates, or mini reworks. The purpose of this update is to overhaul a champion's abilities without changing their appearance. It is aimed at newer champions who have become outdated in the current meta.

The first champion to receive a CGU is Aurelion Sol. Although the update was first hinted at during early season 12, Riot  has now showcased Aurelion Sol's new abilities in a recent season 2023 roadmap video. The new kit for Aurelion Sol looks promising and has generated a lot of excitement among players.

CGU is a new approach to updating champions in League of Legends. It offers the chance for champions who have become outdated to be revitalized without altering their appearance. The first champion to receive this type of update is Aurelion Sol,  and the results so far look incredibly promising.

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol casting Lee Sin's ultimate

Aurelion Sol's new ultimate "Falling Star" involves crashing a star into the earth, causing magic damage and stunning opponents. If enough stardust is collected, the ultimate transforms into "The Skies Descend," increasing the impact zone and damage while knocking up enemies instead of stunning them. A shockwave also spreads from the impact zone, causing damage and slowing enemies.

As a fun twist, there is a 1% chance that Storm Dragon Lee Sin will crash into the earth instead of a meteor while using the Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol. This Easter egg references the fact that in the Dragonmancer universe, Aurelion Sol is the master of Lee Sin and other Dragonmancers. It's a unique addition to the game with a low chance of occurring during a match.

Aurelio Sol CGU: Updated Splash Arts

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Mecha Aurelion Sol

Riot is reworking Aurelion Sol as a scaling champion similar to Kindred. Both champions improve their abilities by gathering stacks. The new kit for Aurelion Sol is more powerful than before. Riot's senior VFX artist, Sirhaian, recently revealed the updated visual effects for all of Aurelion Sol's skins. 

Players can currently test the new Aurelion Sol on the PBE. An Easter egg has been discovered regarding the ultimate of the popular Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol skin.


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