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League of Legends: Riot revealed new Astronaut skin line

Published: 21:22, 08 February 2023
Riot Games
Astronaut Xerath splash art
Astronaut Xerath splash art

Riot Games are releasing a new League of Legends skin line - Astronaut. Ivern, Fizz, Kennen, Xerath and Singed are among the champions that will be receiving new skins!

Riot has been releasing a lot of skins for League of Legends in recent months, including new skin lines like Empyrean and additions to existing skin lines such as Bewitching and Spirit Blossom. The Lunar 2023 Skins, which featured two skin lines, Mythmaker and Lunar Gods, have also been released. 

In the upcoming Patch 13.3, Valentine's Day-themed skins Heartthrob Caitlyn, Heartbreaker Vi, and Heartbreaker Amumu will be added. Patch 13.4 will bring new League of Legends Astronaut skins.

The Astronaut skin line in 2023 will include new skins for Ivern, Singed, Fizz, Xerath, and Kennen. It has been a while since Ivern received a new skin, and it's great to see the other champions, who are not among the most popular, getting some new skins as well.

Astronaut Ivern

Ivern's last skin, Old God Ivern, was released in 2020, and after a two-year wait, the champion is finally getting a new skin. Fans are eagerly anticipating this addition and are excited to see what the skin will look like. 

Riot Games Astronaut Ivern Astronaut Ivern

Astronaut Fizz

The new skin for Fizz will feature the signature blue, green, and white colors of the previous astronaut skins, as well as the adorable extraterrestrial creatures that were seen in his earlier skins.

Riot Games Astronaut Fizz Astronaut Fizz

Astronaut Kennen

Kennen currently has 9 skins, but many of them were released prior to 2011 and lack creativity, being mainly simple color variations. Out of his skins, only a few are worth buying, including the soon-to-be-released Astronaut Kennen.

Riot Games Astronaut Kennen Astronaut Kennen

Astronaut Xerath

Xerath, who was introduced in 2011, has only 6 skins, partly due to the difficulties in creating skins for the champion due to his unique design and model. 

Riot Games Astronaut Xerath Astronaut Xerath

Astronaut Singed

Singed has 11 skins in League of Legends. His most valuable skin is Riot Squad Singed. Only the players who attended the Gamescom 2010 were lucky to obtain this skin. Singed is now getting a new skin to his name - Astronaut Singed which will be an epic skin and will cost 1350 RP.

Riot Games Astronaut Singed Astronaut Singed

This was a great move by Riot Games to give some attention to a little bit of forgotten League of Legends champions. All these skins are expected to be of Epic rarity and cost 1350 RP.


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