League of Legends Clash 2023: Everything you need to know

Published: 19:30, 06 February 2023
Riot Games
Clash tournaments are on hold for now due to cyber attacks
Clash tournaments are on hold for now due to cyber attacks

If you're looking for information on the start of Clash 2023 in League of Legends, this is the place to be. Here, you'll find the latest updates and details on when to expect the tournament to begin. 

Clash is a mini-tournament event in League of Legends  that encourages regular players to participate and compete for prizes. The event is highly anticipated by players who are excited to take part in the competition and have a good time. 

Unfortunately, the plans for Clash 2023 have been disrupted by a social engineering attack on Riot's  end. As a result, the previously scheduled Patch 13.2 has been canceled and replaced with Patch 13.1B, causing delays for various other updates, such as the Ahri ASU.

The recent attack has caused a setback in Riot's plans for Clash 2023, leading to the cancellation of Patch 13.2 and the delay of other updates. This has created frustration among players who were eagerly awaiting the tournament and the new features that were supposed to accompany it.

League of Legends Clash 2023

Riot Riru has provided an update on the status of Clash 2023, stating that the event has been delayed and is currently scheduled to start on the first weekend of March 2023. However, this date is not set in stone and there is no guarantee that it will take place at that time. He asked the community to be patient while the developers work to properly compile information and provide official details in the upcoming patch notes.

Riot Riru emphasized that the information will be included in the patch notes, which will provide more specific information on the event's start date and any other relevant details. Until then, players are advised to keep an eye out for any updates from Riot.

Clash 2022 was highly successful, with multiple events taking place throughout the year. Participants received various rewards, such as skin shards and ward skins. In a special tournament, ARAM Clash was held at the end of the year, offering players a short, fun-filled experience and the chance to earn additional rewards.

ARAM Clash was a brief, two-day event designed to give players a taste of Clash while offering rewards. It was a shorter version of the regular Clash tournaments. The community was eager to participate and enjoyed the fun and competitive atmosphere of the event.


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