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Hunt: Showdown - The Inferno trailer revealed

Published: 23:27, 09 December 2022
Hunt: Showdown
Will you manage to evade the flames?
Will you manage to evade the flames?

Hunt: Showdown developers have their hands full with all of the content coming in December. Aside from the Devil's Moon event, Crytek has also announced a brand new map condition called the Inferno and it looks amazing.

Days after the Devil's Moon event was announced, Crytek has taken to Youtube to announce yet another addition to Hunt: Showdown . This time, the addition in question is a "wildcard condition".

The description of the video states that during the Devil's moon event, the players will periodically witness parts of the Bayou engulfed in smoke & flames.

The Inferno is going to be a specific state of the map (aside from the usual daytime or nighttime) that will surround the Hunters with hellish flames and leave them with a choice between either adapting to their new environment or letting themselves get consumed by the fires.

The community fully agrees that the game is taking a turn in the right direction and the overall theme and atmosphere fit Hunt: Showdown perfectly.

Hunt: Showdown Seeing this character in the flames would be pure horror Seeing this character in the flames would be pure horror

The only thing that concerns the Hunters is whether or not the game will manage to withstand all of the changes and additions without any game-breaking bugs, glitches and crashes.

The official release date for the Inferno has not been announced but it is expected to go live along with the Devil's Moon event. This is due to a few hunters from the Devil's Moon trailer being seen walking between the flames throughout the Inferno reveal trailer.


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