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Here is 15 minutes of gameplay from Dead Island 2

Published: 17:02, 02 March 2023
Dead Island 2 looks gorgeous in the latest gameplay demo
Dead Island 2 looks gorgeous in the latest gameplay demo

Deep Silver have showcased a lengthy gameplay demo of their upcoming dark comedy zombie action adventure Dead Island 2 and it's safe to say that the game looks great.

Ahead of the upcoming release, Dead Island 2 developers have shared the first extended gameplay demo, showcasing the combat, zombies, open world and much more. The video runs just under 15 minutes and you can watch it in 4K / 60 FPS right now on YouTube.

The gameplay follows slayer Dani as she takes on various types of zombies through the streets of Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, which, we have to say, have been gorgeously recreated by Deep Silver.

We also got to see the gory dismemberment tech up close and our stomachs turned a bit as it looks disgusting, which is a big plus for a game where your job is to kill zombies.

As for weapons, we got to see melee ones like knives, machetes, hammers, sledgehammers but also guns like assault rifles, shotguns, uzis and regular pistols. The gameplay also demostrated how you can combine various world elements to take out zombies like turning on the water valve to wet the street and then shooting your shock gun to the puddles to shock zombies. 

There's also an upgrade system that allows you to make flaming katanas, exploding hammers and electrifying daggers. The team says posibilities are endless when it comes to customsiing and upgrading your weapons. 

Screengrab/Youtube LA looks lovely in Dead Island 2 LA looks lovely in Dead Island 2

For other details, you can check out the video above. Trust us, there's plenty of juciy combat that you don't want to miss.

Dead Island 2 is officially set to launch on April 21, 2023 for PC , PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 , Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S .


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