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Atomic Heart composer donates his fee to Ukraine

Published: 10:18, 15 February 2023
Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart

Following a heap of controversy regarding Atomic Heart's possible ties to the Russian government, it was the one person who has had a prolonged rough patch that stepped up.

Atomic Heart was surrounded by controversy recently, courtesy of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

People started questioning Mundfish 's ties to pro-invasion individuals, which prompted the company to post they are a " pro-peace organisation ", although the statement didn't explicitly reference the aforementioned war.

On February 14, 2023, the game's composer, Mick Gordon posted a statement where he said he would donate the fee from working on the game to Ukraine Crisis Appeal from Australian Red Cross.

This is especially great because of the years of trouble Mick Gordon faced after id Software didn't pay him for his work on Doom Eternal for a very long time and eventually threw him under the bus for the botched OST.

Mundfish Atomic Heart will run at solid 60 FPS, according to developer Mundfish Atomic Heart will run at solid 60 FPS on current-gen consoles, according to developer Mundfish

The aforementioned OST turned out to be mostly a poor mix of Gordon's demos that were rejected by id, and as such not paid for, but his involvement included only a handful of tracks that actually sounded good.

In any case, Gordon didn't take the hush money, which means a lot of his work went unpaid and he is now willing to put the paycheck from Atomic Heart towards a good cause. Kudos.



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