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Hitman developers reveal first concept art for their online fantasy RPG

Published: 17:19, 28 February 2023
IO Interactive's new project is an online fantasy RPG
IO Interactive's new project is an online fantasy RPG

IO Interactive have officially soft-announced their long-rumoured online fantasy RPG, which still does not have a name. Hitman developers say their new title will revolutionise the genre.

IO Interactive's dragon-themed MMO better known as Project Dragon has been soft-announced today by the developer. Hitman team confirmed that the project is a new IP as speculated before and it's set in a fantasy medieval world. You can check out the first concept art above. 

The blog post doesn't reveal much but IO Interactive say the game will revolutionise the online fantasy RPG genre. The team are hiring right now to build up the team for full production. The game will be coming to both console and PC.

The rumours suggested that IO Interactive and Xbox Game Studios Publishing are working on this one together but there is no mention of any partnership in the announcement. 

It is possible that the deal was never really signed between the two parties or perhaps we may hear about the partnership later on when IO Interactive properly announce the game along with the name and first trailer. 

The gameplay details about this fantasy online RPG are pretty much non-existent. Reliable Jeff Grubb revealed earlier that the game is a third-person perspective Diablo-like MMO so expect a lot of grinding and loot. 

Though, it's possible that the game ends up being something different as many things can change during development.

Warner Bros Bald man in black clothes from Warner Bros' game Hitman 2 IO Interactive are known for the Hitman franchise so it will be interesting to see how the team adapts to a completely different genre

As for the release date, don't expect this one anytime soon since IO Interactive revealed in their recent earnings report that the game won't be coming before the fiscal year 2025. 

Given that the game is described as a highly ambitious project, it will probably take a lot of time to develop the gameplay systems and polish everything hence the 2025/2026 release date.


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