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Escape from Tarkov player banned for killing streamer in-game

Published: 02:03, 16 January 2023
It is very unfortunate that this had happened to the player
It is very unfortunate that this had happened to the player

The streamers and influencers are the ones who usually speak for the majority of the community when issues occur in a game, but what happens when a streamer makes a bad call and makes a mistake?

Battlestate Games have been known for "backing up" the streamers who support and broadcast Escape from Tarkov content daily. 

While that is usually a very nice sight to see, this time it might be backfiring a little. The reason why is an interaction that occurred in-game between a well-known Twitch streamer, Rengawr and a casual player.

On Woods, the player shot Rengawr and went to loot his body, once he did he realized that the gear he found is similar to that of the streamer and the dog tags matched the name.

He went on Twitch to check whether or not Rengawr was streaming and he tuned in right as Rengawr accused him of cheating.

In the heat of the moment, Rengawr said that the player will be getting banned from Tarkov within the next 10 minutes due to hacking and cheating.

Escape from Tarkov Something none of us want to see when we boot up our game Something none of us want to see when we boot up our game

He collected all of the player's needed information and sent it off to someone at BSG. 

Most players do have the report option that goes through Battle Eye or whatever 3rd party cheat detection software the game is using, but streamers and content creators get the option to come into contact with the developers directly so getting a player banned is much easier.

As expected, the player was banned from the game shortly after. The player reached out to Rengawr and explained that he was not cheating and all Rengawr had to say was "I guess it was just bad desync. I mean yeah, I just reported him and moved on, that's it". 

Now, while he did acknowledge that the player was not a cheater, the damage has already been done and things were said that left the community a little shaken up.

This event has brought light onto how much power streamers and "influencers" have and how easy it is for them to get players removed from the game.


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