Top 5 best Vandal skins to get in Valorant Episode 6

Published: 02:07, 14 January 2023
Updated: 02:44, 14 January 2023
Which one would you buy?
Which one would you buy?

With so many new bundles getting released into Valorant, it is hard to decide which one is worth spending money on. This article will showcase the 5 best Vandals that have recently been released into Valorant.

Riot has an ongoing trend of releasing free games and then adding absolutely gorgeous skins to them with hefty price tags. 

There are still players both in Valorant and League of Legends that are more than willing to pay the price for these skins even if it is not quite the best financial choice they can make.

We have compiled a list of gun cosmetics that will not include the standard Glitchpop, Prime and Reaver and that will justify the price tag to an extent.

5. The Ion 2.0 Vandal has gotten 5th place mainly because the ChronoVoid was released shortly after and has simply overtaken it. The Ion can be purchased for 1775 VP.

Valorant The Ion skins were a massive hit on release The Ion skins were a massive hit on release

4. Nunca Olvidados has a very iconic design and those who love colourful sugar skulls will absolutely love these. Sadly it does not have a finisher but it sits at the affordable price of 1275 VP.

3. The Blub Blub, officially known as the Neptun has taken the pocket Sages by storm and if you are in the market for a Sage that will heal only you, the Blub Blub is the way to go. The Neptune skin can come in black or white and does not have a finisher but can be acquired for 1775VP.

2. Gaia's Vengeance is one of the most aesthetically pleasing guns in the game when it comes to either the visuals or the sound. With one of the best finishers in the game and 4 different variants, Gaia's Vengeance can be purchased for 1775VP.

1. Two skins are tied for the title of best skin in Episode 6 and those are the Araxys Vandal and the ChronoVoid Vandal, priced at 2175VP and 1775VP respectively. The Chronovoid has a beautiful inspect and reload animation while the Araxys has a very solid overall design and finisher.


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