Valorant- The perfect agent roster for Lotus

Published: 10:25, 15 January 2023
We aren't quite sure how well Harbor would perform on Lotus, but Astra is a good pick
We aren't quite sure how well Harbor would perform on Lotus, but Astra is a good pick

Lotus is very new and a lot of players are still exploring the maze-like hallways and rotating doors before the map comes to Ranked. While the players are busy exploring, we were busy creating the best roster for the island-paradise map. 

While Valorant is not necessarily designed to look like a competitive, try-hard game, it has made its way to the competitive Esports scene  even with the very colourful and atmospheric maps and agents

When more than just a match win is on the line, players tend to go the extra mile to perfect their plays and strategies.

Lotus is a very new map and it's a matter of days before players can see it in Ranked. We have compiled the perfect lineup for Lotus that will give the enemies a really rough time.

To start off, the ideal duelist for Lotus would easily be Neon due to her stuns having a lot of power and frag potential and her wall allowing the team to push into sites A and C without too much exposure.

The best Initiator is Sova. He has a lot of room to use both his shock and reveal darts and his Ultimate will work wonders in post-plant situations since the site architecture is relatively compact. 

Riot Even this squad would not be a bad lineup Even this squad would not be a bad lineup

Brimstone is the Controller that every team must have on this map. His molly and smokes can block off entry points and allow the team to push in with ease. On the other hand, his utility can intimidate the team enough to cause them to rotate to a different site.

The best Sentinel for this map is hands down Killjoy. Her lockdown covers an area big enough to push the enemies out of site and allow for either a Spike plant or defuse.

The wildcard 5th pick goes to Breach due to his stuns being overwhelmingly powerful on all 3 sites both as attacker and defender. 

This roster does not have flashers due to the map being too open and packed with environmental objects. Picking a flasher would waste a valuable spot in the team and choosing a second smoker instead of a flasher for a wildcard pick would be considerably better.


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