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Escape from Tarkov - Battlestate Games hints at new potential wipe date

Published: 05:02, 24 December 2022
We wonder what the note says
We wonder what the note says

Yet again, Battlestate Games have gone to Twitter to drop a teaser that will have the community left with millions of question marks above their head. Here is what we think of the most recent teaser for Escape from Tarkov.

Battlestate Games has released some form of content every day for the past week as a way of keeping the Escape from Tarkov community on the edge of their seats.

From Twitch Drops , PvP events , Flash sales and new item additions , the developers have given us everything except the December wipe release date.

They took to Twitter to post a picture of a note written in Russian and some random numbers on the wall above the note. The Russian writing did not come as a surprise as this is something BSG tends to do with every teaser and artwork they put out.

The thing that was a little odd and the community was quick to point it out is the random scratched-up numbers actually meant something. When the matrix of the numbers is calculated, the result is 26. Additionally, the number that stands out the most is also 26.

Escape from Tarkov What a sneaky way to leak info What a sneaky way to leak info

Given the information that was released up until now, the number 26 could potentially represent the day when the wipe will happen. When patch 12 was released, Nikita Buyanov went to Twitter to release a statement that said "You already know when the wipe will happen", implying that patch 12 will go live on December 12. 

Keeping this in mind, it seems like BSG does not have the intention of over-complicating the teaser but rather giving the community something to think about and speculate.


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