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Escape from Tarkov - The final pre-wipe event start date confirmed

Published: 01:38, 24 December 2022
Updated: 01:39, 24 December 2022
Streets of Tarkov is going to be the new area added to the game
Streets of Tarkov is going to be the new area added to the game

Battlestate Games is finally releasing official dates for events and everything that is coming in the time before and after the wipe. While the wipe itself is still unconfirmed, the Twitch drop event will be going live very soon.

Battlestate Games has just revealed the official date when the Twitch drops event  is going live. The event will start on December 29 and will be live until January 7. 

Previously, big events like this one tend to happen right after a wipe as it does not quite make sense to give the Escape from Tarkov community a lot of cool items and then take them away a few days later.

Now, the official date of the wipe itself is still unknown and it can happen either on December 29 or before it but definitely not after so there is a high chance that the official wipe date is still December 26.

Additionally, BSG has taken to Twitter to state the following:

"Tomorrow, December 24, at 7 AM GMT/2 AM EST we plan to conduct a technical update. The update will take approximately 1 hour but may be extended if required. The game will not be accessible during this period"

Battlestate Games Twitter

While this might seem like an announcement for the wipe going live, it is actually not. The technical update in question will probably be either server maintenance or the release of tomorrow's pre-wipe event as the downtime is too short for the wipe to take place.


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