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Escape from Tarkov - PvP payout event hints at wipe being close

Published: 02:55, 20 December 2022
Escape from Tarkov
How many dog tags do you have?
How many dog tags do you have?

It is day 3 of in-game events on Escape from Tarkov. This time the event is a PvP payout event related to dog tags and if the developers stay true to their tradition, the wipe might be happening this week.

Battlestate Games are taking its sweet time to release the final wipe of 2022 but they are giving the community something to do while it waits.

The third event that has gone live on Escape from Tarkov aside from Currently, dog tags have seen a massive jump in selling prices and can be sold for over 2500 rubles per level (meaning that most dog tags are currently worth more than 10k rubles).

This event will be live up until the wipe actually drops and the community is not yet sure when that will be. For now, they are highly speculating on December 22, December 24 or December 26.

Aside from this event, two more events are happening currently as well. Hideout upgrades currently only cost beer and skills can be levelled very quickly.

Escape from Tarkov Me and the boys, on our way to get some dog tags Me and the boys, on our way to get some dog tags

A few Tarkov content creators are speculating the 4th and 5th events to be related to mobs and a massive fire sale going live but none of that information is confirmed yet.

The reason why these two events are speculated is that these are the final events that take place a day or two before the wipe goes live. And if Battlestate games follow their old "tradition" of wipe releases, then this is what the community should expect in the upcoming days.

We are very excited about the events, the wipe and all of the new lore that is coming to Tarkov, especially Antlerman and the Lightkeeper .


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