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Escape from Tarkov - All new ammo types that have been added

Published: 02:24, 24 December 2022
More ways to kill someone
More ways to kill someone

While most developers take time off during the Winter holidays, Battlestate Games have decided that the holidays are the perfect time to flood the community with new events, drops, content and wipes.

Battlestate Games has added a few new ammo types to Escape from Tarkov before the December wipe and the ammo in question is mainly for shotgun weapon types. This comes as no surprise as the developers have been very busy with releasing new content and events almost daily before the December wipe .

Firstly, the shotgun in question is the TOZ bolt action shotgun and the first ammo type that has been added is the 20/70 "explosive" slug. Once shot, the slug will explode on impact and cause damage.

Next up are the Elephant Killer slug and the "Flechetta Plus" slug which are also made for the TOZ bolt action shotgun. The Elephant Killer is a bigger shell while the "Flechetta Plus" is sharper.

These shells can be crafted in the player's hideout as well as looted off of enemy player bodies. They do require a few crafting items and roughly 30 minutes to craft but the damage they output is worth it.

Escape from Tarkov Crafting these is definitely worth the investment Crafting these is definitely worth the investment

Additionally, it is important to mention that the durability burn of these shells is very high and it stands at +1,180.0%. This means that malfunctions can still occur even with 100% durability and this is mainly due to the fact that they have been crafted by the players themselves.

It is important to mention that all of the events currently are stacking and the melee weapon event + the dog tags event is giving the players a lot of XP and money so get your adrenaline stims and start raiding.


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