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Escape from Tarkov - Pre-wipe event day 7, No Fee Flea Market

Published: 02:01, 24 December 2022
Make sure to hit the traders and sell everything while you can!
Make sure to hit the traders and sell everything while you can!

Escape from Tarkov is approaching the final days of the pre-wipe and the event for today is called the "No Fee Flea Market". The event will last for only one day and this is everything we know about it.

Battlestate Games has announced the official date of the Twitch drop event and additionally, with the event, came the new pre-wipe event called the "No Fee Flea Market".

The event is going to be live for one day and it is speculated to be the Escape from Tarkov fire sale that occurs before every wipe. All of the players will be able to sell their items and turn a decent profit. 

Once this event ends, making any transactions will not bring the seller profit as the selling prices will take a massive dunk and everything will have the price of either one or two rubles if sold to the traders.

The fire sale tends to happen right before the wipe and currently, we can say with 100% certainty that the wipe will happen at some point after December 24 and before December 29. 

Escape from Tarkov

The wipe will not happen before December 24 as there is a maintenance update that will take place on December 24 and it will happen before December 29 as the event that will start off the new wipe will go live then.

Currently, the community highly speculates December 26 as the wipe date due to a few hints that have been dropped on the Battlestate Games Twitter but nothing is official yet.


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