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Destiny 2 will let you enhance dropped weapons in the future

Published: 11:18, 14 February 2023
Destiny 2 - Crafting in Enclave
Destiny 2 - Crafting in Enclave

Destiny 2 will be less reliant on crafted weapons in the future so here is a little preview of the things to come.

Bungie recently made a massive post about the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2 , Lightfall, as well as the future of the game itself.

In it, Joe Blackburn noted a few ways the game will depart from the standards that were established thus far, one of them being the shift of focus towards randomly dropped weapons instead of crafted ones.

First, there will be fewer red border weapons around but the aim seems to be to improve the value of those that do drop.

Second, regularly dropped weapons need to catch up with crafted ones, which is why the devs are introducing ways to enhance them as well.

Judging from the wording in the blog post, it appears the process will be fairly similar to the one with the crafted weapons. It drops and is initially a level zero and the Guardian then commits mass murder to level it up.

As the weapon levels up, you will be able to enhance its frame (intrinsic properties) and perks, which should bring them up to the quality of the crafted weapons.


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