Hogwarts Legacy Deadalian keys quest: All house tokens locations in Hogwarts

Published: 21:12, 08 February 2023
Updated: 09:01, 09 February 2023
Hogwarts Legacy: How to find all 16 house tokens in Hogwarts Castle
Hogwarts Legacy: Once you find all 16 house tokens, you'll get a cool looking House uniform

The Deadalian Keys, the quest in which you must gather 16 house tokens in order to unlock the house chest in a common room, is without a doubt one of the longest side missions in Hogwarts Legacy. We will guide you to the locations of all 16 tokens.

Playing Hogwarts Legacy , and especially exploring the world will introduce you to a large number of students and teachers who will frequently function as quest-givers to you. This action RPG from Warner Bros. is packed with material; whether you want to hunt collectables, complete the main objective, solve side quests, or simply explore the beautiful game world, you will always have plenty to do in this game.

There are a lot of them when it comes to side quests. Some are brief and easy to complete, while others may demand you to work hard. The Daedalian Keys is one such quest. In order to finish it, you will have to collect 16 house tokens hidden all over Hogwarts Castle.

To discover the token, first we need to locate the dragonfly carrying the key and then follow it to the nearby locked cabinet. Once we located the cabinet, we need to slap the key into the keyhole to retrieve the token. It's worth mentioning that simply locating the cabinet will not unlock it; you'll still need to seek down the dragonfly, but don't worry, it's usually nearby.

Note: If you can't find the dragonfly at its initial location, simply go to its respective cabinet location where the dragonfly will wait for you. It's possible that you've already triggered them at some point while exploring the castle, without even knowing. 

House tokens locations in Hogwarts Castle

Token No. 1 (Astronomy Wing, Transfiguration Courtyard flame)

The quest starts once you interact with Nellie Oggspire in Transfiguration Courtyard. Once the conversation with her is done follow the objective marker to find the first dragonfly and the token inside the cabinet. This one is unmissable because it is quest related.

Note: If you started this quest before, but didn't pick up the token for whatever reason, here's how to find the dragonfly and the cabinet outside of the questline. 

Fast travel to The Great Hall flame, and as soon as you spawn, turn around and exit the great hall. From there, go straight forward and exit through two more doors and you'll see the dragonfly directly in front of you. Follow it down the stairs to find the cabinet on the right side of the big door.

Token No. 2 (The Great Hall, Great hall flame)

Once you enter The Great Hall, look to the left, there is a huge fireplace and the dragonfly in front of it. Simply follow it up the stairs, which are just right of the Great Hall entrance. 

Token No. 3 (The Library Annex, Potions classroom flame)

The dragonfly is located directly in front of the Potions classroom. Once you locate it, follow the dragonfly downstairs to find another cabinet and the token within it.

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy: The dragonflies that hold the keys to the cabinets are always close by Hogwarts Legacy: The dragonflies that hold the keys to the cabinets are always close by

Token No. 4 (Secret Rooms, The Map Chamber flame)

As part of the main story, you will have to visit the Map Chamber below Hogwarts Castle. Fast travel to Map Chamber flame, turn around and go up the two sets of circular stairs until you reach the iron door. Pass through the door, head left downstairs and continue through the hallway where you'll find the dragonfly. Follow it to unlock one more token.

Token No. 5 (No fast travel needed, continues from Token No.4)

For the next token, simply return to the hallway where you just found the dragonfly for Token No.4. Continue down the hallway until you spot the dragonfly exactly in front of the sleeping dragon statue. Follow it up the stairs to find another cabinet.

Token No. 6 (No fast travel needed, continues from Token No.5)

From the location of the previous token head left, then up the stairs. Go through the door on your right, then up two sets of stairs. There you will see the dragonfly. Chase it all the way up until you run out of stairs to find another locked cabinet with the token inside.

AltChar If you are having trouble finding the cabinet or the dragonfly, just use Revelio If you are having trouble finding the cabinets or the dragonflies in Hogwarts Legacy, just use Revelio

Note: The next two tokens can be obtained during The Caretaker's Lunar Lament quest. However, if you miss them during this quest, you can fast-travel to the Hospital Wing flame in The South Wing, and head down the hallway towards clock gears where you'll find the dragonfly. Follow it back, down the stairs where you'll spot the first locked cabinet near the statue. 

To find the second dragonfly, continue down the circular stairs then down three sets of normal stairs, until you see the arch door with symbols and numbers. Dragonfly will be there. Follow it down two sets of stairs and you'll find the second cabinet just beneath the stairs. 

Where to find tokens during The Caretaker's Lunar Lament quest?

Token No. 7

During the caretaker mission where you need to find a couple of demiguise moon statues for Mr. Moon and unlock the Alohomora spell, your objective will be to sneak around the restricted area. Once you reach the area with the first guard you will spot the dragonfly, Backtrack it down the stairs to unlock the next token.

Token No. 8

From the previous cabinet location head upstairs until you reach the hallway with the patrolling guard. The guard will eventually head down the hallway and lean on the railing near the clock tower. Sneak towards him to find the dragonfly near the end of the hallway. Follow it back to pick up the next token. 

Token No.9 (The Library Annex, Central Hall flame)

From the Central Hall flame head downstairs, then head right of the fountain where you will find a dragonfly. Follow it to the opposite side of the hall, down the stairs and right where the cabinet is located near the door with symbols and numbers.

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy: If you backtrack the dragonfly and leave the cabinet unlocked, it will wait for you there when you return Hogwarts Legacy: If you backtrack the dragonfly and leave the cabinet unlocked, it will wait for you there when you return

Token No. 10 (No fast travel needed, continues from Token No.9)

Head upstairs from the fountain in the Central Hall towards the huge painting of some guy playing the lute. Head up two sets of stairs until you reach the cabinet on your left side then continue upstairs and turn right. The dragonfly is beneath the stairs. Backtrack the dragonfly to the cabinet and obtain one more token.

Token 11 (The Grand Staircase flag, Grand Staircase flame)

Head upstairs from the Grand Staircase flame location, then make a U-turn and you will notice the cabinet on your left. Now, head straight and all the way up circular appearing/disappearing stairs until you stumble upon a large group of students (only during the day). Then continue up the stairs and there's your dragonfly. If you have trouble locating it, just use Revelio. It will appear blue on the screen. Once you find it, follow it back to the next house token.

Token No. 12 (Astronomy Wing, Defense Against Dark Arts Classroom flame)

This one is super easy. Fast travel to the Defense against dark arts classroom flame location. As you spawn, go right down the stairs where you'll find the dragonfly. Return up the stairs, take the left, passing flame where you just spawned and head towards the end of the hall where you'll find the cabinet. 

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy: The Deadalian Keys is the longest side quest in the game Hogwarts Legacy: The Deadalian Keys is the longest side quest in the game

Token 13 (The Grand Staircase, Quad courtyard flame)

As you spawn at the Quad courtyard fast-travel point, turn right and take the stairs left of the fountain to find the Dragonfly. Follow dragonfly back down the stairs, take a sharp left before the fountain and go straight ahead until you see the door. The cabinet will be on the right side of the door. 

Token 14 (The Library Annex, Library flame)

As soon as you spawn, look slightly left to notice the dragonfly levitating between the bookshelves. Track it to the nearby cabinet, which is just left of the flame you spawned. You'll notice it near the green lamp. 

Token 15 (The South Wing, Clock tower courtyard flame)

From the Clock tower courtyard flame go straight across the hall and take the door on the left before you exit to the courtyard. The door is locked with Alohomora Spell 1 and has four colourful shields above them. Go upstairs and pass through the first doorway. The dragonfly is on the left. Chase it upstairs to the cabinet located on the next floor of the clock tower on the left side.

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy: To unlock the uniform insert all 16 tokens inside the chest Hogwarts Legacy: To unlock the uniform insert all 16 tokens inside the chest

Fast travel to your common room after gathering all 16 house tokens to unlock the chest holding Relic House Uniform depending on whatever school you choose at the start of the game. We chose Ravenclaw, therefore the outfit features a huge Ravenclaw crest. After obtaining this unique uniform, return to Transfiguration Courtyard to report back to Nellie Oggspire and finish this really long quest.


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