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People can't access Wild Hearts early with EA Play subscriptions

Published: 16:57, 13 February 2023
Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts

Are you trying to access the Wild Hearts early trial but can't find the button? You are not the only one.

Wild Hearts  is reaching its first woes, days before it's launched for the wider public, as many players who are subscribed to EA Play cannot access the early version.

It is currently unclear what is causing the issues but it seems to be on EA 's end as the messaging between the support staff and players suggests more than a few are suffering the same issue and a fix is in the works.

Namely, those who are looking to gain access to the early version through EA App are missing the button that would let them launch the trial and they only get a message saying the game will unlock on February 16, 2023.

Eventually, the affected players reached out to support, who were not initially aware of the issue either.

It appears that the reports kept happening and EA finally stated that there is indeed a problem with the early access that the subscription should grant but it is currently being looked into.

EA Wild Hearts - Deathstalker is a stunning wolf monster Wild Hearts - Deathstalker is a stunning wolf monster

Safe to say the problem will be rooted out soon enough but this situation will remain a smear on EA App's reputation, one that could make future would-be subscribers think twice before pledging their money.

Other players were able to enter the game with no issue so even if you are unaffected, keep in mind that saying the problem doesn't exist just undermines the efforts of the rest of the player base.


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