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Destiny 2 to give Arc Hunters new Super, returns the Blink

Published: 10:04, 18 August 2022
Destiny 2 - Arcstrider Hunter
Destiny 2 - Arcstrider Hunter

Destiny 2 is going all out with Arc 3.0 for Hunters, providing the subclass with a new Super, as well as a favourite travel method from the original game.

Destiny veterans might get some bad flashbacks when you mention Hunters and Blink in the same sentence as this was the bane of their existence in the original game's PvP.

It might become the bane of their existence in Destiny 2 as well while Hunters are likely to lean into the shotgun ape fantasy as they will not only move extremely quick but now can teleport around their enemies.

Blink was the mobility power unique to Void Warlocks in Destiny 2 so far but the sparky hoodie crew will have the opportunity to rival them in that aspect and to make matters worse for the other specs, Bungie noted that this will mark the improvement of Blink mechanics for everyone who can use them. 

It will, however, feature a refresh mechanic of some type, meaning it should be able to curb the abuse and keep everything somewhat balanced.

While this will undoubtedly be a topic of many conversations, it is not the only addition for Arcstriders. Gathering Storm is the new type of Arc Super which will result in the staff getting tossed into the ground, where it will project an area that debuffs and damages enemies.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Witherboard Arcstriders' new Super is somewhat similar to Witherboard

As such, this will most likely be used in PvE, rather than PvP since players will tend to avoid the danger zone. That said, zone control will get trickier, should an Arcstrider decide to toss their stick on it so those overtimes in Elimination and Trials might get interesting.

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