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Arc 3.0 might cause an influx of shotgun apes in Destiny 2

Published: 08:29, 18 August 2022
Destiny 2 - Felwinter's Lie
Destiny 2 - Felwinter's Lie

Are you missing the Destiny 2 PvP meta where shotguns obliterate everything? You might get it back with Season 18.

Destiny 2 PvP meta has been rather homogenous for a long time due to the dominance of shotguns in various game modes since they are very forgiving when it comes to aiming and they still one-shot the opponents, even after series of nerfs.

They are currently in a spot where they are competitive but not oppressive, which stands to change with the arrival of Arc 3.0 in Season 18.

Shotgun power in PvP comes from the weapon type's affinity to high mobility and map design that sends players through numerous corners, which are the prime spots for taking a blast right in the face.

It is the former part, however, that will get buffed with Arc 3.0 as Bungie is leaning into the high-speed and high-mobility parts of the fantasy, which led them to Amplified, a new buff that Guardians can apply to themselves and presumably to their allies.

This buff will provide better sprint speed and sliding distance, which is perfect for shotgun aping in PvP.  

It currently remains to be seen whether these will stack with the likes of Dunemarchers and Stompies but if they do, it will become a massive headache for anyone not sliding across the map with a shotgun in their hands.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Lord of Wolves Lord of Wolves is getting nerfed but it's not a shotgun in the classic sense of the word

There is a lot to be seen about the new subclass as well, especially the ways Guardians can make themselves Amplified, which could be a deterrent. For example, the only cited way to become Amplified so far is to get multi-kills but there is a mention of fragments and aspects being able to provide additional ways to get the buff.

Should an easier way come around, we are bound to see a ton of shotguns in the near future.

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