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Destiny 2: Season 21 PvE roaming super buffs TL;DR

Published: 08:41, 05 May 2023
Destiny 2 - Stormcaller Warlock
Destiny 2 - Stormcaller Warlock

Bungie added a pile of changes to roaming supers in PvE so here is a condensed version if the wall of text was too much for you.

Bungie decided to make roaming Supers more viable in Destiny 2 , starting with Season 21, which is kicking off on May 23, 2023.

All Supers will now have an additional 20 per cent incoming damage reduction to make them more viable in high-end PvE.

Some Supers will get Scorch, Jolt and Weakness integrations.


Golden Gun in both versions will get 20 per cent more PvE damage.

Arc staff will get a similar treatment.

Gathering Storm impact dama

Spectral Blades will get a 35 per cent damage buff and heavy attacks will weaken targets. A bug that caused some attacks to miss has been fixed.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Titan Super in action Destiny 2 - Titan Super in action


In PvE, Fists of Havoc light and heavy attacks cost less Super energy. Heavy attack damage increased by 33 per cent and it blinds targets near the centre of the area.

Glacial Quake's light attack damage increased by 20 per cent, Shiver Strike is 10 per cent faster.

Sentinel Shield damage increased by 20 per cent.

Hammer of Sol and Burning Maul damage increased by 10 per cent.

Burning Maul also creates Sunspot on cast when Sol Invictus is equipped and heavy attack applies Scorch.


Nova Warp damage increased by 15 per cent. Fully charged heavy makes enemies Volatile.

Nova Bomb damage increased by 20 per cent in PvE.

Stormtrance damage increased by 25 per cent, and damage ramps up over three seconds instead of five. Landfall and its seekers apply Jolt.

Chaos Reach damage increased by 25 per cent, doing damage on a single target creates lightning strikes at the target's location, causing Jolt. Better strafing speed and the camera adjusted to not block targets.


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