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GTA Online discounts and bonuses this week (May 5, 2023)

Published: 20:53, 04 May 2023
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - A good time to get an attack helicopter
GTA Online - A good time to get an attack helicopter

GTA Online is focusing on Hard Mode missions this week and if you were looking to increase your capabilities in the air, this might be it.

GTA Online players have a new challenge ahead of them this week. They will need to complete each of The Last Dose missions on hard mode in order to bag various clothing items while completing all of them will award a finish for the Micro SMG.

Rockstar Games also put emphasis on hangars so it may be a good time to get one if you don't have it already.


  • 30 per cent off
    • Hangars and renovations
    • Greenwood
    • SC1
    • Flash GT
    • Rogue

Discounts are few this week and while you can snatch a hangar at a discount, there are no aerial vehicles with the same treatment besides the Rogue.

GTA$ and RP bonuses

  • X2
    • Turf Wars
  • X1.5
    • First Dose missions
    • Last Dose missions
    • Air Freight Cargo sell missions

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Acid Lab resupply bonus GTA Online - Time to dose it up

Featured vehicles

  • Podium: Zentorno
  • Prize Ride: Jugular
    • Win a Pursuit Race four days in a row to get it
  • Simeon's showroom: Impaler, Jester, Flash GT, Retinue, Sentinel
  • Luxury Autos showroom: Visione, SC1

Unfortunately, the fun stuff is not discounted this week so you can forget about getting a Lazer or a B-11 this time around.


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