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Caliber reveals operator nerf and buff targets

Published: 08:25, 04 May 2023
1C Game Studios
Caliber - Fortress is one of the prime targets for nerfs
Caliber - Fortress is one of the prime targets for nerfs

Operators that stand out in Caliber are going to get a few changes in the near future as the developers revealed in player Q&A.

Caliber has 64 operators in total with another four on the way so it is understandable that not everything can be balanced at all times.

That said, 1C Game Studios recently announced several buffs and nerfs that will come to the game in the near future, some as direct feedback from the players and others from the stats collected by the devs.

To no one's surprise, Fortress is one of the main targets for nerfs but this particular Q&A mostly focused on buffs.


  • Fortress is getting nerfed, she will carry fewer incendiary rounds

It is possible you never played with or against Fortress if you are a newer player since she can't be purchased for the time being. The problem with this operator is she is strong all around - both the ability and weapon are some of the best in the game, her stats are generally high but the biggest issue is still her special gear - the incendiary ammo box which provides fiery rounds for the entire team.

Coupled with Shersheret, she becomes an annoyance for the entire game as she can spawn incendiary ammo for up to two additional rounds.


  • Prorok is getting buffed, not specified how
  • Stern is getting buffed, not specified how
  • Monk is is getting buffed with better healing, weapon remains as it is
  • Shaowei is getting buffed, not specified how
  • Hagana might get buffed
  • Bourbon's stamina drain during sprint is getting reduced

Keep in mind that these are just the balance changes that were asked about by the players and answered by the developers. There is possibly more coming, even if they weren't mentioned here.


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