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Tape to Tape hits Early Access, brings hockey madness with it

Published: 10:48, 04 May 2023
Excellent Rectangle
Tape to Tape is now in Early Access
Tape to Tape is now in Early Access

If hockey's regular violence wasn't enough for you, just wait until you get the grapple hook in Tape to Tape.

Tape to Tape is an extreme hockey game with roguelite elements that just removes any boundaries of sanity you may believe exist.

Developed by Excellent Rectangle and published by Null Games , this hockey romp will take you across unique areas to play versus unique teams as you attempt to get your mediocre ragtag band all the way to raising the cup.

Along the way, you will meet teams with odd abilities - some will be inspired by medieval knights, others will take the funk to the next level.

Naturally, they vary in difficulty and the game's store page warns players that losses are sometimes inevitable but it all works for the betterment of the team.

As we noted previously, you are initially given a mediocre team and it is up to you to build them up into an all-star lineup through recruiting promising talent, upgrading the gear and winning matches.

If it wasn't clear already, the game is not afraid to step into goofy territory so one of the main ways to improve your team will be visiting an actual blacksmith, named Blademaster, to upgrade your gear.

Tape to Tape is not yet a finished game and the Early Access version costs $20 / €20 but there is a 10 per cent discount for the first week on Steam.


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