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Cliffy B wants to resurrect failed arena shooter LawBreakers

Published: 09:15, 20 April 2023
Boss Key
LawBreakers looked fun but sadly, it didn't find its audience in an oversaturated market
LawBreakers looked fun but sadly, it didn't find its audience in an oversaturated market

Boss Key Productions founder Cliff Blezsinski is now openly talking about resurrecting his failed arena shooter LawBreakers from 2018 with the help of publisher Nexon.

Whenever LawBreakers comes up, I feel genuinely sad that the game never took off. It looked and played great and its gravity pockets on maps created all sorts of mayhem, unlike any other arena shooter on the market. 

Lawbreakers had issues and sadly, Boss Key's title never managed to attract an audience despite offering something a bit different in the arena shooter genre. The game's director Cliff Blezsinski talked about his failed product over the years , admitting that some of the decisions he made were wrong and ultimately doomed this PC and PlayStation 4 title.

However, it seems like Cliffy B is open to resurrecting this shooter, which might have a better chance on the market now in 2023 than it had in 2018. 

Cliffy B today tweeted that he found out that the publisher Nexon own the right to his baby LawBreakers and offered to resurrect the game with the publisher, asking the Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney if he'd like to have a chat about such a proposition. 

"Well, turns out Nexon does own the rights to LawBreakers. @owenmahoney how about sliding into my DMs so we can talk about a resurrection?," Cliffy B tweeted.

Whether Nexon CEO slides into Cliffy B's DMs to see what's the deal with this whole LawBreakers resurrection idea, we'll never know. But the answer to that question will probably reveal itself if somewhere down the line we hear about LawBreakers reboot with Nexon as a publisher. 

One thing is for certain though, Cliffy B will have to make one hell of a pitch to bring back LawBreakers. 

AltChar Cliff Bleszinski is looking in the distance with an Mk 2 Lancer Rifle replica. LawBreakers could make a return if Nexon see the potential in it but Cliffy B needs to make one hell of a pitch

Cliffy B said previously he's done with gaming but it turns out he's ready to make a big return if there are people who would actually give him money to make another shooter. It has to be shooter, right?

If his next game is this LawBreakers revival, we wonder what changes we'd see in Bleszinski's approach. Perhaps, listen to the community more closely instead of ignoring the feedback? Or, release the game across all platforms this time around and try not to antagonise an entire user base? Guess we'll have to wait and see.


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