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Nexon says LawBreakers will shut down servers in September 2018

Published: 12:55, 14 June 2018
Updated: 13:11, 24 September 2018
Boss Key Productions
Screenshto of an in-game location from co-op shooter LawBreakers

Following recent news of LawBreakers going free to play, Nexon explained that the game is provided as is, without updates or anything of the sort, and since the company can't operate the game, it will be shutting down its servers in 2018.

Nexon says that the unfortunate closing of Boss Key Productions means they've not the tools nor the manpower to operate LawBreakers. However, the the game will remain on Steam until 14 September 2018.

All LawBreakers in-game purchases are disabled with immediate effect and there are no refunds, so no cosmetics to think about either. Nexon thanked the community and all the usual thanks-for-all-the-fish stuff.

It's still a bit early to say but it does seem as if the global cheapskating escadrille hasn't shown LawBreakers much love since the shooter sailed into free to play waters. The news must come as a bitter shock to all who believe in CliffyB's second coming but there's ample time for him to prove us wrong.

Besides, the ongoing torrent of E3 announcements is not the time to build any sort of hype, not least trying to resuscitate CliffyB's forever-fledgling brainchild. Maybe, just maybe, we still end up witnessing a little miracle and LawBreakers surviving?

It would make for one heck of a comeback story, wouldn't it? I bet it would match Schafer's Psychonauts saga, where Raz failed to sell in volume but was instead DPSing behind enemy lines for years, building up Psychonauts' cult status along the way.

Indeed, LawBreakers' biggest failings weren't in the game itself, but rather with all sorts of confusing directions Boss Key took while coming up with the game. Lack of specific aim and subsequent focus on mimicking the competition further underlined their apparent marketing ineptitude, dooming LawBreakers to failure from the get go.

Boss Key Productions Two characters from the game LawBreakers fighting mid air LawBreakers

All these factors have added up to the disasters that LawBreakers became, even though if you try it out - you'll find a surprisingly solid game underneath. Seriously though, I totally need a hero story in 2018 and my current bets are on Shanghai Dragons winning and LawBreakers surviving. What do you think, what're my odds here?

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