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LawBreakers by Boss Key Productions set to release in August

Published: 16:07, 22 May 2017
Updated: 02:48, 05 October 2018
Boss Key Productions

Boss Key Productions with Cliffy B at the helm will release their first game, LawBreakers for PlayStation 4 and PC. The game's release date is set for 08 August 2017 and will be published by Nexon. There are no plans for a season pass.

After a year in beta testing, Cliff Bleszinski‘s new game LawBreakers is coming along nicely and it will launch on more than one platform. Boss Key Productions made a class-based online shooter which defies the rules of physics. How did this all come about you ask? 

Well the man himself wrote a guest column on the PlayStation Blog, and here's your answer: He was "bored as hell". Additionally, he wanted to make something  new and his childhood dream and a Zero G flight he took once inspired him to make a game where gravity doesn't play a huge role. 

Boss Key Productions LawBreakers LawBreakers

The game now has a set release date and it is 08 August 2017. The retail price is £24.99. LawBreakers will be released for PC and PlayStation 4. There will also be no time - exclusives. Both platforms will get the game at the same time.

PS Pro version of LawBreakers will be "enhanced" and it will have to pass some online tests before being fully released for the console. The game will see the light of day as a digital-only title. As Mr Bleszinski put it: "Discs are like voicemail, so ten years ago".

Boss Key Productions LawBreakers LawBreakers

In his PlayStation blog post, Cliff also detailed how the game will have no season passes. No "pay to win" mechanics will be present either:

"It will be $29.99 (£24.99). We don’t want to fragment our playerbase with silo’d season pass BS, nor do we want to pollute matchmaking with “pay-to-win” incentives."

LawBreakers is going to come out into a saturated marked full of online shooters. Overwatch must come to mind when talking about those, and in that regard, Bleszinski compared Unreal, the 1998 shooter from Epic Games that he worked on, with Quake, and how the two managed to be different. He wants the same to happen with LawBreakers and Overwatch.

Boss Key Productions LawBreakers LawBreakers

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