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LawBreakers goes free to play, despite Boss Key closing

Published: 23:12, 11 June 2018
Updated: 12:53, 24 September 2018
Boss Key Productions
Two heros from co-op shooter game LawBreakers fighting

In case you're looking for a little escape from the sight of EA and Bethesda taking a nice steamy dump all over the games you've spent your formative years with, then we've got a blast from the past - LawBreakers have gone free to play.

Now I know what you're thinking, isn't that CliffyB's shooter that flopped miserably a while back? Yes, that's the one. However, you should know that LawBreakers wasn't a bad game, not by a long shot.

For all the TLDRers out there - LawBreakers had many failings, none of them having to do with the game itself. It was a confused marketing strategy by a confused team, who made a really good game but didn't seem to know how and who to aim for.

With the obstacle of payment out of the way, all that's left to fix is the population, which may very well be fixed by the free to play model. Honestly, once you've actually seen the game, you'll have realised that LawBreakers is well worth a shot. Yeah, even if just to prove me wrong.

Of course, don't expect updates or tweaks because Boss Key ain't coming back. Rights to LawBreakers are actually owned by Nexon, who seem to have decided to give f2p model a shot. It's pretty ironic though, having Nexon be the potential saviour of LawBreakers, seeing as how many players blame their business model for the game's failures.

It would be unfair to solely blame Nexon for LawBreakers though. Boss Key have since tried their luck with Radical Heights, only for both the company and their battle royale to . Nexon had nothing to do with that.

We could probably drone for hours on end, trying to deduce exactly what happened with CliffyB and Co and we still probably wouldn't figure it out. LawBreakers hit the spot with fans and critics alike, yet population numbers didn't seem to follow.

Boss Key Productions Two characters from the game LawBreakers fighting mid air LawBreakers

Even a bunch of pretty radical changes that brought it closer to Overwatch and Quake Arena didn't really break it and the playerbase that stayed churned along until the dwindling populations made it nigh impossible to play. Could we see a here?

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