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CliffyB blames LawBreakers' demise on gender neutral bathrooms

Published: 16:07, 05 February 2020
Updated: 16:29, 05 February 2020
Boss Key Productions
LawBreakers - Gender neutral bathroom
LawBreakers - Gender neutral bathroom

LawBreakers' failure is well-known to everyone and it has been almost half a decade since it happened. This didn't stop Boss Key Productions founder and CEO, Cliff Bleszinski trying to find excuses for why it happened, this time around blaming it on gender-neutral bathrooms.

Cliff Bleszinski makes controversial statements on a regular basis and the latest one pertains to the untimely demise of his billion-dollar IP. In the last escapade, he posted the sign of the ill-fated Boss Key Productions which found its way to his garage along with several paragraphs filled with statements that will undoubtedly make people scratch their heads.

In Bleszinski's mind, the failure could be attributed to not avoiding Overwatch's release window, being too nice to his staff and having gender-neutral bathrooms. No, we are not making the last one up.

Apparently, was that pushing his political beliefs was to blame for LawBreakers' sales becoming worse than igloo-based real estate in Sahara. He blames the failure on not making the female characters sexier, shoehorning diversity into the game and putting gender-neutral bathrooms in there.

One could totally think the game's failure was cemented by trying to push a brand new IP into an oversaturated hero shooter genre, promising a free to play model and then going back on the word, dissing the Xbox community or cutting a massive demographic out by trying to make a hardcore shooter that would be the "Dark Souls of multiplayer shooters".

Thankfully, the epiphany happened and now we know it's gender-neutral bathrooms that spelt doom for LawBreakers. 

The final paragraph at least made some sense where the conclusion was that a company or studio should primarily focus on establishing themselves with a great product first. 

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