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LawBreakers servers have officially shut down for good

Published: 18:08, 17 September 2018
Updated: 02:57, 05 October 2018
Boss Key Productions
Two characters from the game LawBreakers fighting mid air

Cliff Bleszinski's attempt at a one billion dollar franchise ended in a disaster called LawBreakers which many described as dead on arrival. Technically the servers were alive until 15 September 2018 when a former dev announced closure.

Former Boss Key Productions employee that goes by the username joshrife on Twitter announced that the last of LawBreakers servers have shut down. He did so in an emotional manner stating that the game was the best one he had ever shipped, even though it never stood a chance in market largely consumed by Overwatch.

The announcement was accompanied by a few follow-up tweets, one of which revealed more information on Valhalla which was to be the tenth and final map in LawBreakers to be produced by Boss Key. 

While LawBreakers never picked up enough players to stay afloat and managed to retain even fewer, those who did enjoy the game developed a deep affection for it. One fan their feelings stating that they couldn't find any multiplayer to fill the hole left by LawBreakers, while another one their tattoo resembling the iconic logo.

Boss Key Productions was abruptly terminated when Cliff Bleszinski announced the end of the company but it is not exactly like no one saw it coming, even though the employees were caught flat footed by CliffyB's announcement.

As it appears in joshrife's case, talent that went into producing LawBreakers, and to some extent Radical Heights, didn't go unnoticed as he was picked up by Red Storm Entertainment and is currently working as a senior environment artist on Ubisoft's upcoming AAA title, The Division 2.

Boss Key Productions Two heros from co-op shooter game LawBreakers fighting LawBreakers

Considering the nature of LawBreakers' combat mechanics and the high octane action usually found in CliffyB's games, it is clear the developer team had their work cut out for them. Considering many fans saw it as the next step in first person shooters, it is safe to say the developers were on top of their game, even though the actual statistics tell a different story.

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