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Cliff Bleszinski now blames PS4 exclusivity for LawBreakers' flop

Published: 23:39, 19 May 2020
Boss Key Productions

LawBreakers may be long gone but it still survives spiritually as Cliff Bleszinski starts blaming a different thing for the flop every few months. It used to be gender-neutral bathrooms, now it's because it released on PS4 instead of Xbox One.

CliffyB came out with another hot take on why LawBreakers failed and as many would have guessed, had he announced it previously, it has nothing to do with being released in a saturated market, switching the monetisation model or coming out during the peak of Overwatch's popularity.

This time, the choice to go semi-exclusive on PlayStation 4 was to blame . He stated that it would have made more sense to keep his new game on the platform where he already had a following thanks to Gears of War series.

Normally, this wouldn't sound like a ridiculous reason and would make sense since cultivating popularity in a familiar community would make sense but it is also the exact opposite of what Bleszinski was saying during LawBreakers' marketing campaign when he dissed the Xbox fans .

Considering the popularity of Xbox Game Pass these days, the statement about being better off on Xbox One actually makes sense since LawBreakers would be much more accessible and would have better chances of succeeding. Then again, LawBreakers quickly failed on PC too so it is still dubious whether the game would find success after getting backed by Xbox Game Pass.

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Those who follow Bleszinski are probably not surprised with the hot takes he constantly produces. At least the latest one doesn't sound nearly as ridiculous as blaming LawBreakers' failure on gender-neutral toilets .

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