The Day Before's supposed proof of being real makes it look more fake

Published: 20:11, 02 February 2023
Updated: 20:13, 02 February 2023
The Day Before - Apparent player may not be controlling the character
The Day Before - Apparent player may not be controlling the character

The Day Before may be under even more suspicion now than it was before showing the apparent player controlling a character.

Fntastic hyped some footage that was supposed to prove The Day Before is not fake up until its reveal on February 2, 2023, but after it came out, it's quite possible even less hope will remain among the community members.

Namely, Fntastic first showed another "gameplay" video that is in line with the ones we've seen before - two characters roam around the city shooting zombies and while this one had a better aim in comparison to the footage before, it still didn't do anything to prove the game is real.

We weren't convinced and it appears the studio anticipated such a response from the community, deciding to publish a YouTube short that apparently shows a player in control of a character but it may not prove the existence of the game either.

The video can be seen below and it shows several inconsistencies that could suggest it pre-rendered footage with the person in the chair only pretending to use the mouse and keyboard.

First, at the very beginning of the video, the player swings the mouse to the left well before the in-game camera turns left but if we give Fntastic the benefit of the doubt, we could write it off as latency that is there for whatever random reason, even if that doesn't make that much sense.

Not long after, the character starts shooting at an enemy and the burst of fire happens before the player touches the left mouse click, suggesting that the lag is now going in the opposite direction as things in-game play out before the input.

Third, the video is a YouTube short for some reason, further hinting that there is something to hide - something that would be clearly visible in a longer video. Then again, the bad timing between the inputs and the footage within the first 10 seconds speaks for itself.

Also, why do the videos have "The Day Before" in the title if someone else copyrighted the name, causing an issue that prompted a nine-month delay?


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