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The Day Before devs show actual gameplay footage. Or do they?

Published: 19:30, 02 February 2023
Updated: 20:07, 02 February 2023
Something very odd is going on with The Day Before
Something very odd is going on with The Day Before

After a lot of pomp for showing proof that their game exists Fntastic finally revealed the 10 minutes of "gameplay extravaganza".

Following all of the back and forth about The Day Before being real, Fntastic announced they would post 10 minutes of "gameplay extravaganza" that would immerse the gamers "in a world of pure hype".

They also asked the people to trust them that "this is one reveal [they] will not want to miss" even though the behaviour so far didn't inspire trust.

In any case, the footage is now published and while we have some thoughts of our own, the video is embedded below if you want to check for yourself.

This supposed gameplay video looked like just another slice of pre-rendered and scripted footage that looked the same as the videos shown before - the same videos that failed to convince people that an actual game exists. There is no visual evidence that would show a player controlling the character or anything that could verify this is actual gameplay. 

Update: There is going to be another video after this one, premiering a few minutes, apparently showing someone playing the game. Unfortunately, there seem to be inconsistencies between the player and what is shown on the screen .

At least the character managed to keep her aim on target this time around, unlike the previous iterations that showed wild spraying instead of actually hitting the zombies.

Even if The Day Before somehow ends up being real in the end, it doesn't look like it will be anything new or mindblowing like Fntastic wanted the community to believe. It merely looks like The Division 2 in DayZ setting.


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