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Rumbleverse shuts down before celebrating the first birthday

Published: 03:21, 02 February 2023
Iron Galaxy Studios
Rumbleverse farewell screenshot
Rumbleverse farewell screenshot

Rumbleverse is kicking the bucket while its age is still counted in months.

Rumbleverse is getting canned on February 28, 2023, just half a year after launching.

In case you blinked and the game came out and announced sunsetting before you knew what was going on, Rumbleverse is a brawler battle royale which made it somewhat unique among its peers.

However, it looks like Epic Games wanted to beat Cliff Bleszinski's speedrun and made sure the lights went out on the game even quicker than on LawBreakers .

The news is painful for the fans but those who are worried about the money they put down for the game or the in-game shop items should rest easy - they are eligible for refunds . More info on how to get the refund will follow soon.

Considering that many companies would just go away with the money, this approach is highly commendable by both Epic Games and Iron Galaxy.

Before the game shuts down completely, all the content will be unlocked for every player, be it cosmetics or battle passes, at no charge. Additionally, the shop should be offline by now and microtransactions will be non-existent until the curtain call.


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