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List of Overwatch maps missing Overwatch 2 rotation at launch

Published: 10:09, 11 October 2022
Blizzard World is not appearing in Overwatch 2 at the moment
Blizzard World is not appearing in Overwatch 2 at the moment

Overwatch 2 has added a few new maps to the game but there are many more from the original that are missing so here is a list of what you are not getting.

Overwatch 2 is often observed as a big patch to the original Overwatch instead of an actual sequel and one part of that patch is that the meta has been tossed from top to bottom.

This included the removal of the Assault game mode from Quickplay and Competitive, where the teams would compete over two-zone control checkpoints, one defending, the other attacking.

With the game mode going out, so did the maps that had it, including Hanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony, Paris, Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries.

Additionally, a few maps that feature the Hybrid game mode, where the attacking team captures a point and then pushes the payload, are currently out of rotation although there is no official announcement from Blizzard for some reason. 

This includes Blizzard World, Havana and Numbani, maps that were generally loved by the player base, for their aesthetic, design or both. As for Escort (Payload) game mode, Rialto seems to be missing for the time being.

Blizzard Overwatch - Junkrat and Reaper about to die Some players were concerned Junkertown is missing too but we've had a few matches on the map so it's just a matter of rotation

For the maps without two checkpoints, the reason appears to be issues with light as Overwatch 2 is supposed to have a day and night cycle, which hasn't been implemented yet but the two could be connected.

As far as two-checkpoint maps go, it's hard to imagine too many people shedding tears over the loss of choke points in Hanamura or Paris while Horizon was generally disliked.

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