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Valorant: Agent 20 name and all recent teasers

Published: 07:12, 11 October 2022
Updated: 17:27, 12 October 2022
Mystery Agent 20 has finally been revealed
Mystery Agent 20 has finally been revealed

Riot has broken his pattern of releasing agents every two months and has made us wait since the end of April for Agent 20. Agent 20 is here and we are pleasantly surprised.

Riot has proven yet again why they are the best at new content teasers and leaks. Varun Batra is knocking on Valorant's door and we are so ready.

A video got released on the official Valorant Twitter account showing a man in India live streaming as glass with water starts violently shaking and droplets levitate out of it. Shortly after, two motorcycles fly through the frame and the video ends. 

While the clip in and of itself does not show much, when analyzed in tandem with the previous leaks and teasers (confirming them even further), it shows off the level of power Varun Batra must possess to make water in a larger area bend to his will. 

Almost simultaneously, a clip of Astra, one of Valorant's controller agents, has also been released. In the cinematic, together with Killjoy, she is depicted working on her robotic arm, and Killjoy is seen running some scans and then pinning a location somewhere that at first glance looks like India (it appears that this is the location of Varun Batra).

Lastly, Riot has released an official name for Agent 20 as well as a face to match the voice. Agent 20 who was known under the codename "Mage" will go on to carry the name "Harbor" and the cover art shows him on a motorcycle and a Realm Agent on the left. 

Valorant Twitter Harbor, Valorants agent 20 Harbor, Valorants agent 20

Another thing to pay attention to is the water wall and cloud similar to the in-game smokes that reveal almost his whole kit. We speak for the majority of the community when we say that we did not imagine Harbor to look this cool.


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