Teamfight Tactics: How to play the Astral Trait

Published: 14:10, 12 October 2022
Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics brought some exciting changes to the Astral trait
Teamfight Tactics brought some exciting changes to the Astral trait

The whole Astral trait concept has been reworked. Now you get a combination of nerfs, buffs, and a new Astral system that can provide you with loot such as gold, units, and item components.

A complete rework was applied to the Astral trait for Set 7.5 Teamfight Tactics Riot Games  shifted the focus from a reroll comp to a vertical build with AP carries. Astral orbs that provide loot based on the combined star level of Astral champions on your team. Breakpoints were also changed to 3/5/8.

Here are the new breakpoint ability power bonuses for the Astral trait in Set 7.5:

  • Three: 5 ability power
  • Five: 30 ability power
  • Eight: 75 ability power

Astral orbs are provided based on the overall star level of Astral units on the board. It is similar to the Lagoon trait, but with Astrals, loot depends on the star level of your units. The more star levels players have increases the quality of the loot provided from an Astral orb. Astral orbs appear after each combat round and can contain loot that ranges from gold and units to item components and full items.

The reroll aspect of Astral units during Set Seven was hit or miss, often being nerfed for being too strong while also containing bugs that allowed players to cheat out Astral orbs and shops.

Set 7.5 removes the Astral shop from the vertical comp, focusing on orbs instead while pumping ability power bonuses back into the trait.

TFT Builder Typical Astral Teamfight Tactics board Typical Astral Teamfight Tactics board

There are a total of six Astral champions: Skarner, Lux, Vladimir, Varus, Nidallee, and Aurelion Sol. Lux is a new addition to the Astral trait in Set 7.5, with the Mage trait in addition to Astral. Rerolling the two-cost champion is an option, using either Spear of Shojin or Blue Buff to increase her number of casts.

Varus is still having the Swiftshot trait pairing with the Astral trait. Similar to the previous set, Varus is another reroll option with other Swiftshot units. Ideal items on Varus are still Runnan’s Hurricane and Guinsoo’s Rageblade.


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