Teamfight Tactics Set 8: Lunar Gala Event - Missions and Rewards

Published: 09:18, 19 January 2023
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TFT Lunar Gala Event guide
TFT Lunar Gala Event guide

The Teamfight Tactics Set 8 Lunar Gala event for 2023, led by Chibi Annie, has begun and offers players rewards for completing mission quests. This event ends on February 9, 2023!

The Teamfight Tactics Lunar Gala Monsters' Attack! event is a temporary event that will come to an end on February 9th. Players have the opportunity to complete various tasks through different game modes including Ranked, Normal Standard, Hyper Roll, Double Up, and Fortune's Favor.

To begin the Lunar Gala event, players can access it through the League of Legends home page and the TFT tab. Once they load the TFT home page, they can click on the Lunar Gala button to enter the party hosted by Annie and start completing missions.  

In order to earn all the rewards from the 2023 Lunar Gala event, players need to finish 15 mission quests. These quests are open to all players, including those who play for free, and can be completed within 15 to 30 games. These Lunar Gala missions are split into five stages!

Lunar Gala Missions - Stage 1 

The first stage of the TFT Lunar Gala event features only one quest. Players must activate the Underground trait and successfully steal from a cracked safe. 

If a player leaves the competition before cracking the safe, they will not receive credit for the "An Explosive Errand" mission quest. Completing the quest rewards players with a "For You!" emote.

Lunar Gala Missions - Stage 2

Reaching the second stage of the TFT Lunar Gala event will bring the simplest mission quest: playing a single game of Set Eight. Players will receive 20 Star Shards as a reward for completing this mission.

Lunar Gala Missions - Stage 3

As players progress to Stage 3 of the TFT Lunar Gala event, they will encounter a total of six missions. These missions do not have to be completed in a single game. 

  • Crank it Up: Field the Hacker trait for a total of 11 rounds
  • Five-Delivery Service: Increase the star level of Galio and/or Sivir five times
  • Gift Gathering: Collect 60 loot orbs
  • A Might Wind: Field a two-star Janna or a unit equipped with a Zephyr
  • A Quiet Moo-Ment: Field Alistar and the Mascot trait at the breakpoint of four at the same time
  • Besting the Beast: Win-streak for three rounds with four or more units

Lunar Gala Missions - Stage 4

Like in stage three, stage four of the TFT Lunar Gala event features a total of six mission quests. Players are not required to complete the missions in a single game. 

  • Get Your Song On: Build 40 completed items
  • Lantern Lighting: Light the lanterns of the festival by maintaining a winning streak for a total of 40 rounds with four or more units
  • Shine the Super Signal: Activate the Super trait at its breakpoint of three and at least one Super champion at three-star
  • Sett Up For Sucess: Field a Mecha: PRIME Sett
  • Clash of Clout: Rack up 150 total Fame stacks with the Anima Squad trait
  • Dancing with Dragons: Win 30 PvP combat rounds in total

Lunar Gala Missions - Stage 5

Upon reaching the fifth stage, players will need to complete one final mission quest in Teamfight Tactics Set 8 Lunar Gala. Playing one game of Fortune's Favor will earn players a Lunar Revel Little Legend egg.


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