Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5 - Best comps in Patch 13.8

Published: 11:23, 26 April 2023
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Teamfight Tactics best comps currently in Set 8.5!
Teamfight Tactics best comps currently in Set 8.5!

Star Guardian Kai'Sa, Anima Squad Miss Fortune and Threat/Aegis Aurelion Sol are currently the best team compositions in Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5! 

In the latest Teamfight Tactics patch 13.8, the meta has changed, and some League of Legends heroes and traits have risen in value while others have decreased. Here are some of the best team compositions for TFT Set 8.5 that have emerged in this patch.

The Star Guardian composition has gained popularity due to the quick ability usage, resulting in higher damage output. The Anima Squad composition has also proven to be strong thanks to powerful carries like Miss Fortune and Vayne. 

Finally, the Aegis Aurelion Sol composition has become popular due to the strength of the Threat units and the powerful ability of Aurelion Sol. These compositions are strong and can lead to success in the game.

 Star Guardian

This TFT team composition is a force to be reckoned with, featuring champions like:

  • Star Guardian Kai'Sa and Miss Fortune with Anima Squad, Quickdraw, and Ace traits
  • Ezreal with the Underground, Parallel, and Quickdraw traits
  • Rell with Star Guardian and Defender traits
  • Alistar with Ox Force, Mascot, and Aegis traits
  • Nilah with Star Guardian and Duelist traits 
  • Ekko with Star Guardian, Prankster, and Aegis traits
  • Garen with Mecha:PRIME and Defender traits

Kai'Sa and Miss Fortune act as the carry champions thanks to these traits, while Nilah and Ekko serve as tanks and draw attention from the enemy team. Overall, this team is a deadly force in the game.

Mobalytics Star Gardian Kai'Sa team comp Star Gardian Kai'Sa team comp

Anima Squad Miss Fortune

One of the most reliable compositions in TFT Set 8.5 Patch 13.8 is the Anima Squad Miss Fortune team. This composition has been a force to be reckoned with since the beginning of the set, thanks to the powerful carries and stacking ability of the Anima Squad trait. 

Miss Fortune, with her strong ability and Ace trait, is one of the main carry units in this composition, supported by Vayne's high damage output and Riven's flexibility.

The team also includes Nasus, Sylas, Jinx, Alistar, Ekko, and Riven, each with their own strengths and abilities that contribute to the overall power of the team. 

BunnyMuffinsTFT Best Anima Squad Miss Fortune board Best Anima Squad Miss Fortune board

 Threat/Aegis Aurelion Sol

In early April 2023, there has been an increase in the use of Aurelion Sol as a carry unit in Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5. This is due to his potent ability and the resurgence of the Threat units. 

BunnyMuffinsTFT Threat Aurelion Sol best board Threat Aurelion Sol best board

This team composition is challenging to obtain but proves to be a formidable late-game setup, including champions such as Alistar, Morgana, Aatrox, Ekko, Fiddlesticks, Leona, and Urgot.


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