Teamfight Tactics Set 8: How to play Mascot Yuumi

Published: 18:24, 05 January 2023
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League of Legends Yuumi - the Magical Cat
League of Legends Yuumi - the Magical Cat

Yuumi is a powerful two-cost unit that has a great ability to carry your game to the win. Here are the best items and synergies that work well with Yuumi as a carry unit.

Yuumi has become one of the best troops in Teamfight Tactics Set 8: Monsters Attack! after receiving a mana buff in Patch 12.23b. as well as a one-vs-nine machine of your choice. Because it is a tier-two unit, her odds of reaching three stars are substantially better than if she played any other standard late-game carry. 

She can demolish most teams on her own with the appropriate equipment and a powerful front line. However, there are several crucial unit and item prerequisites for properly playing League of Legends Yuumi as the main carry. 

The main purpose of the Yuumi composition is to reroll in order to make her and the rest of your squad three-star troops. Because all units are economical, a successful early game will be critical. Gangplank, Galio, Nasus, Malphite, Lee Sin, and Yuumi are the units you should go after.

Best items for Yuumi to carry

Yuumi focuses on her skill to one-shot enemy units and eliminate the backline. Unless you have her Hero Augment, the Jeweled Gauntlet is the most crucial item for her, since it ensures that her ability has a larger chance of critting and doing more damage.

Blue Buff is the second item you want to create on Yuumi. It's just as vital as Jeweled Gauntlet since the item's passive mana regeneration allows Yuumi to fast gather mana to spam her ability. The third item for Yummi typically is Giant Slayer, as it demolishes enemy frontline.

Best synergies for Yuumi

Yuumi has three traits: Heart, Mascot and Star Guardian. The most vital trait for Yuumi to work as a carry is Mascot: when activated, the units on your board heal a percentage of their maximum health every two seconds, with Mascots receiving a twofold benefit.

The Heart trait, on the other hand, gives the team power. When these units use their ability, all of your units get stacking ability power for the duration of the battle.Finally, the Star Guardian grants these troops additional mana during combat.


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