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Overwatch 2 disables Bastion and Torbjorn

Published: 08:54, 11 October 2022
Overwatch 2 - Bastion
Overwatch 2 - Bastion

Two Overwatch 2 heroes have been disabled due to bugs but thankfully, they are both from the chunky DPS pool.

Overwatch 2 's launch woes continue as Blizzard was forced to temporarily disable Bastion and Torbjorn, whose bugs were too disruptive to the flow of a match.

In the case of Bastion, his ultimate was working better than intended. The artillery mode is supposed to have three shots in total but the bug caused him to have much more than that.

Ultimate abilities are game-changers on their own but when they get extended like that, entire matches are turned on their head so it was only a matter of time before Bastion would get suspended, pending a hotfix.

Torbjorn's bug is somewhat similar - it extends the duration of ability but it's not his ultimate. Instead, he can get a longer Overload if the player times the inputs correctly, allowing the resident mechanic to shoot and move faster while retaining armour bonus for a longer duration.

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This is pretty severe but it apparently doesn't happen to often, which is why Blizzard decided they will disable Torbi in Competitive only - you can still pick him in Quickplay and Arcade.

There is currently no ETA on when the duo might be enabled again but considering the massive pool of DPS heroes, their vacation shouldn't be too much of an issue in the meantime.

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