Teamfight Tactics Set 8: How to play Threat Urgot

Published: 09:55, 31 December 2022
Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics Threat Urgot
Teamfight Tactics Threat Urgot

Riot Games made Urgot a legendary unit this time! This 5-cost carry is a Threat in the new Teamfight Tactics Set 8. Here are the best items and synergies for Urgot.

Urgot has returned to Teamfight Tactics  for Set 8 Monster's Attack!, displaying a new ability that is more than just unleashing a barrage of bullets at adversaries.

Urgot possesses a passive ability as well as the spell Undertow. The passive does physical damage with five assaults per second. The Undertow wave knocks foes forward one Hex, perhaps within Urgot's passive range if properly positioned, while also stunning the opposing troops. 

Urgot has a chance to "dredge" up a treasure chest full of riches every time he casts his Undertow spell. This will help the player to get more item components.  Riot Games  made Urgot a legendary unit in Set 8.

Best items for Threat Urgot:

Urgot has a wide range of item choices. The most often used method is to equip the Set Eight champion with AD items like as Last Whisper and Deathblade. Players may also use AP items like as Spear of Shojinl in combination with defensive goods to ensure the legendary five-cost casts numerous times. 

Urgot's normal build as a Threat champion often includes an Infinity Edge for a critical strike chance, as well as Giant Slayer, which now gives AD and AP. The third item might be anything that complements a player's end-game plan. Putting a Star Guardian symbol on Urgot can result in large monetary rewards.

Best synergies when playing Threat Urgot:

Urgot is a Threat champion with no trait synergy in TFT Set Eight. Urgot, being a Threat unit, has somewhat better stats than the other five-cost troops. Urgot is an excellent Threat unit champion to use as a supplementary carry at level eight or nine. 

Obtaining an Urgot early from the shop might assist players in reaching level nine by utilising the gold found in treasure chests. Urgot is a formidable Threat, but he should not be the primary carrier in an end-game TFT Set Eight competition. Players should prioritise obtaining gold from the legendary or slowing down other teams with his Undertow spell.  


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